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22. July 2015 - written by Calest at 21:41

After a long run Wrath is retiring from raiding. Its been a long run since September 2007, when we split off from a few different guilds and formed together to push progression and clear everything. Over the course of that time period we jumped form 0 kills to server 3rd despite many guilds having an 8 month head start. We went on to clear everything up to Kil'Jaden in Sunwell. Which included Mu'ru pre nerf. We traded 2nd place back and forth with Dreadnaught a few times and were always on Halcyons heals. Racing against Dominon for kills in SSC and TK. We scored two world first kills in Zul'Aman, many US top 500 kills as well as ranked in the top 1000 US (1800 World) when the game was at its peak. We pushed harder and faster than I can say I've ever seen before or since. Many members changed along the way, some moved on while others retired from the game altogether. Most stayed around or came back after a long break to play casually.

We grew together as a guild and friends. Life happens to us all and over the years it hit us all. Family, jobs, babies, all take time away. Rightfully so, one of Wraths moto's was always "RL comes first".

Its been a long journey as well as a fantastic one! I want to thank everyone who ever was or still is a Wrath guild member, followed us or competed against us.

Most of Wraths raiding core that was left has moved over to Epic Holdings Inc on Arathor. You can find many of us there now. Wrath as a guild will remain on the server and be a haven for past members of Wrath, our alts and just a hang out.


Again thank you all for making Wrath the amazing guild it was and still is in its own way!


I leave you with the first pivotal kill fo Wraths history. Were most had given up we pushed through, Magtheridon server 3rd kill!

"Click the Damn Cube!!!!"

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Krogar - Dead!

11. April 2015 - written by Calest at 13:25

Kromog photo Kromog_zps9cunbzsh.jpg

Operator Thogar - Dead

11. April 2015 - written by Calest at 13:24

 photo Operator Thogar_zpsrf1xyblt.jpg